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iCheck Carotene

carotene-case-arrangement w430

iCheck™ Carotene is a state-of-the–art and the first of its kind portable photometer. It determines total carotenoid concentration in food and biological fluids. iCheck™ Carotene measures the color reaction in the test vial and calculates the carotene content in mg/L.

Scientific Publications:

1. Islam, KM. Comparison of three spectrophotometric methods for analysis of egg yolk carotenoids. Food Chemistry 172 233–237, 2015

2. Kaewlamun, W. The influence of a supplement of beta-carotene given during the dry period to dairy cows on colostrum quality, and beta-carotene status, metabolites and hormones in newborn calves. Animal Feed Science and Technology, 2011

3. Kawashima, C. Effect of b-Carotene Supply During Close-up Dry Period on the Onset of First Postpartum Luteal Activity in Dairy Cows. Reprod Dom Anim doi, 2009

Technical data
Analyte: Total carotenoids
Sample type: Vitamin premixes, beverages, food and biological fluids
Sample preparation: None for liquid samples; Dilution in water for solid samples
Analysis method: Photometric
Principle of reaction: Absorption
Sample volume per analysis: 400 μL (0.4 mL)
Linear range: 0.15 - 25.0 mg/L
Time per analysis: < 2 min
Optimal measuring temperature: 20–30°C
Variation: < 10%
Method comparison: Validated against reference method High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)
Light source: LED lamp
Staff qualification: 1 day training
Use: portable
Data transfer: Included (via USB cable)
Weight: 0.45 kg
Dimensions: 11 x 4 x 20 cm (W x H x L)

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