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iCheck Iodine

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iCheck™ Iodine is a state-of-the–art and the first of its kind portable photometer. It determines iodine quantitatively. iCheck™ Iodine measures the purple color reaction in the test vial and calculates the iodine content in mg/L. It is used to measure iodization level in salt.

Scientific Publications:

1. Rohner, F. Comparative Validation of Five Quantitative Rapid Test Kits for the Analysis of Salt Iodine Content: Laboratory Performance, User- and Field-Friendliness. PLoS One. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0138530, 2015

2. Rohner, F. Validation of a user-friendly and rapid method for quantifying iodine content of salt. Food and Nutrition Bulletin, vol 33, 2012

Technical data
Analyte: Potassium iodate (KIO3)
Sample type: Salt 
Sample preparation: Dilution of salt in water
Analysis method: Photometric
Principle of reaction: Absorption
Sample volume per analysis: 1000 μL (1.0 mL)
Linear range: 1.0 - 13.0 mg/L
Time per analysis: < 10 minutes
Optimal measuring temperature: 20–30°C
Variation: < 5%
Method comparison: Validated against reference method iodometric titration
Light source: LED lamp
Staff qualification: 1 day training
Use: portable
Data transfer: Included (via USB cable)
Weight: 0.45 kg
Dimensions: 11 x 4 x 20 cm (W x H x L)



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