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What the product does for you

As a food producer, it enables you to test the quality and quantity of the raw material (vitamin premix) as well as of the final enriched end-product on site.
As an organization you may use the test kits to monitor the progress of your food fortification programs.
As a monitoring authority or customs office you may use the test kits for 'first line testing at ports and borders as well as for routine food monitoring in urban and rural areas where there are no lab facilities.
As a research institute or lab the test kits supports your research as high-throughput analysis equipment to assess data on nutrients within a short period of time.

How it works

iCheck is a test kit to measure nutrients on the spot. It consists of a measuring device and ready-to-use reagent vials. It is used in 3 simple steps:


1. Injection of the sample
2. Reaction in the ready-to-use reagent vial.
3. Measurement with the measuring device.

iCheck is the result of over 30 years of research of our founder, Prof. Dr. F. J. Schweigert. It is designed to provide you with qualified, instant and highly precise results.

Reliable: State of the art product for precise results made in Germany.
Fast: Results on the spot instead of after days with reference method; no need for any additional equipment and chemicals, thus no need for complex logistics.
Simple: After a 1 day training personnel can fully operate the test kit.

BioAnalyt's measuring devices are designed to provide years of trouble-free operation.


Vitamin A in vitamin premixes, flour, sugar, beverages, milk, breast milk, blood and others iCheck Fluoro
Vitamin A in vegetable oil iCheck Chroma
Total Carotenoids/Beta-Carotene in vitamin premixes, eggs, vegetables, fruits, beverages, milk, breast milk, blood and others iCheck Carotene
Iron in flour, beverages, fish/soy sauce iCheck Iron
ZINC in flour and vitamin premix iCheck Zinc
Iodine in salt iCheck Iodine

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